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what is dramatherapy?

dramatherapy is a psychological therapy
















a safe non-threatening psychotherapy that utilises counselling techniques

and progresses at a pace that is appropriate for the client or group


supporting clients to give creative expression to their inner worlds and to examine aspects

of those inner worlds that may be obstructing them in their life’s journey


the dramatherapist helps the client understand the feelings that emerge in the creative process
















who is dramatherapy for?


Dramatherapy is for anyone and everyone, whatever their age, experience, beliefs or culture, and whatever their physical or learning needs. Dramatherapy does not rely on the spoken word so it works particularly well with those that find it difficult to talk about their feelings, as well as those that do find it easy to talk but perhaps ‘over-rationalise’, their problems with words.


Dramatherapy is effective for both organic and functional mental health problems as well as feelings that may have arisen from life events such as bereavement and loss. As well as working in private practice dramatherapists work with clients across a wide range of statutory and non-statutory settings: hospitals, schools, forensic mental health, CAMHS, hospices, prisons and young offenders institutions.
























The title of ‘dramatherapist’ is protected by law and dramatherapists must follow a specific training. In order to practice dramatherapists must be registered with the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC) and undertake regular clinical supervision and continuing professional development. Dramatherapists are governed by strict codes of conduct: see websites for HCPC and British Association of Dramatherapists (BADth).


What is dramatherapy?
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